Creating Awareness And Fundraising To End Stigma Surrounding Mental Health.

We’ve Completed Our Recent Initiative – Climbing The Highest Mountains On The 7 Continents Of The World!


The 7 Summits for Mental Health

ALL expeditions are privately funded by individuals.


Help Us Raise $700,000 Over Two Years

Funds were donated to CAMH Foundation in direct support of the groundbreaking Bridging Clinic.

ALL donations are eligible for a tax deductible receipt.

CAMH’s New Bridging Clinic

The Bridging Clinic was designed to help people with less urgent needs receive prompt treatment. It enables CAMH to free up medical resources—and reduce wait times—for people experiencing serious mental health crises. In most cases, Clinic staff can see patients within 60 minutes—dramatically less time than the typical emergency department wait time.

Transforming the experience of seeking care
after a mental health crisis.

We need your donations to continue supporting CAMH’s new Bridging Clinic located at the revitalized hospital campus in downtown Toronto.

It is not our differences that divide us.

It is our inability to recognize, accept,

and celebrate those differences.

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Everest 2021

I left Everest without summiting.

Making the decision to leave was heart breaking, painful and one that I thought over very well. I cried a lot in my tent. And prayed.

Mount Everest, Nepal

I am at home, and today is my last day of quarantine. All my Covid tests have been negative.I am still feeling tired – sleeping during the day comes easily these days, as if my body wants to shut off my brain, as it drifts to the “what if’s. Not being able to leave the house also has taken a toll in my self-esteem and mental health. I feel like I am a criminal.

Mount Kosciuszko, Australia

Mount Kosciuszko is mainland Australia’s highest mountain at 2,228 meters (7,310 ft) above sea level. It’s located within the Kosciuszko National Park, and from the ski town in Thredbo Village it’s only a 13 km return walk to the summit.

Denali – First Portuguese Women to Summit (Part 2)

We climb from our 14,000 feet camp up to 17,000 feet. I can’t lie… it was hard. The fixed lines were surprisingly the easiest to do, but there were high stretches and really thin walking sections along the ridges.


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