“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”- Dalai Lama XIV.

These brave business leaders and individuals know that to instill change and help #endstigma on Mental Health requires all of us to take one step at a time – up the mountain!

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Our Virtual Climbers!

ROW # Seat A Seat B Seat C Seat D Seat E Seat F
7  Steve Beattie  Patricia Johnson  Dustin Johnson
8  Linda Farha  Andrea Albrecht  Antonina Debreczeni  Nancy Frank  Julia Bowser  Ana Medeiros
9  Amy Chung  Elizabeth Ivany  Eline Anders  Marie Nemeh  Stephen Barry  Nicole Dantas
10  Sandra Frydman de Helfant  Marie-José Gariépy  Mariana Ledesma Arocena  Avril Adair  Krystyna Ostrowski  Daniel Bouchard
11  Viken Froundjian  Cathy Hartley  Rosa Kye  Véronique   St-Jacques  Chris Akester  Helen Martins
12  Luis Ribas  Agnes Lucido  Fiona Koscak  Claudia De Melo  Vanessa Vidal